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Hello! I'm Silver Huskey! I'm technically not new to Mastodon, as I've been running my blog here (@damagecontrolblog) since 2019.

This is my first first personal account, though! I'm a part-time writer/journalist from the United States. I enjoy writing about and talking about video games, animation, and technology.

I've been using the web for over two decades now and I'm delighted to find a social media network that reminds of the pre-Twitter and Facebook days.

US Politics, Uvalde 

The more we learn about how local police responded to this horrific event, the worse it gets. It's just so fucked up on so many levels. The response is just so damned callous at best.

Not much going on today. I wrote a little bit about the newest page of the webcomic, Home, for my side blog. Honestly, I'm determined to see how this train wreck of a comic ends. But the comic is so bland and pointless that this is a tough task.

Part 2 of our Shantae and the Seven Sirens livestream is on YouTube. We've finally passed the point where we left off in the previous streams. Progess!

It's... it's exactly what he says! It's a vaulting box!

This was a commission for @ Lumiandyou on twitter, who's always a pleasure to work with 🐻💖

I don't entirely know/understand the context for this drawing, but I had fun!

made in #krita

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

Daily Sketch 05-17-2022

Paper Mario meets Madam Merlar

Spoilers for near the end of SMT V 

So I finally got Amanozako's storyline wrapped up. It's pretty cool that she joins the party. Though she's less impressive than in her berserk state. 😅

Daily Sketch 05-16-2022

If I gave you a Beat would you Jet Set my Radio?

A character design concept sketch page for someone who prefers to remain anon.


For contact and commission info please check out my link tree!

Not reaching for the phone upon waking up is certainly a hard habit to break. Not surprising given how most social media is meant to be addictive.

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I've been cutting back on social media before work in order to try and get more writing done. (This is among other daily tasks.) It seems to be working, as I've gotten quite a bit done today. It's not until you pull back that you realize how much time doom-scrolling consumes.

I’ve been drawing a lot of Trowas lately, as my bestie and I are still watching Gundam Wing. Done in Procreate.

Note 1: I don’t consider myself an artist, I just like to draw sometimes!
Note 2: feystreet is/was my tumblr username.

Daily Sketch 05-15-2022

I started played Ecco: Defender of the Future for the Sega Dreamcast. The Great White Shark boss is legitimately terrifying.

Personal financial stuff 

My apologies if the screenshots aren't to easy to read. They were repurposed from a dispute email with my credit card company. I tried to pursue a charge back that failed.

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