CozyCon Online is THIS WEEKEND! 

It's FREE to attend and takes place primarily over on Discord - 

There is a FREE DIGITAL SWAG BUNDLE also available in the discord that includes colouring pages, badge and more!

There are 50 vendors, lots of events and gaming too!

View thread for my sales/coms/streams/etc!

"this person looks like someone I would love to follow, if only we had even a single solitary fandom in common. Instead we must pass, like ships in the night...."

me: tries to look up fanfic about several She-ra people such as Scorpia
me: ah yes time for my favorite fandom activity, scrolling through 20 pages of this character's tag to find the 1 fic that's actually about this character

Friendly reminder to go find the cup of tea or coffee that's gently cooling on a counter somewhere

My block list over here went from almost nobody to a million people lmao

relationship (-) vday 

haha just realized it's been exactly one year since I officially asked them out and they said yes, then proceeded to immediately change their mind and take like 6 months to give me any kind of answer before I confronted them about it and they finally gave me a no

don't date your friends ig


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So I said I'd close registrations on when we hit about 500 active weekly users, and... we've (more-or-less) hit that! So, registrations are now closed for a little while.

If you have friends who want to join, you can still invite them by generating invite links via:

Honestly I often think of moving in over here permanently, I love the local here a lot, but LGBTio is just so homey after all this time 🤔 decisions decisions

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Oh boy, server upgrades, time for my Mastodon addicted ass to pile in over here on my alt for the day. Sup local you guys are great.

Dear shy newbies,

If you don't know anyone here, just post. Whether it's about what you had for lunch or your fandom faves or your current WiP or your cat or how-do-I-do-the-thing?, just go ahead and post.

Your top-level public posts show up in the local timeline and people will see them!

(and is nice so don't be scared)

@Cuahl I'd think it more like... Home is your out-of-game group chat, with all your friends from different games/servers.

Local is your Guild chat, so chat from a group you're specifically joined, but not necessarily people you've specifically followed.

Federated is General/zone chat, so 100% Mankirk's wife shitposting, 100% of the time. :P

Hydra Trash Party envy 

If there were a Dragon Age trash party I would never leave lol.

people you never met supporting you online actually means a lot, it's wild

Sup local :D I'm Sky, usually found at @sky , but my first love is fandom nerd stuff and I've been hoping the fediverse would get a fandom focused instance forever! So I'm not totally sure where I'm gonna be going forward but I'm super excited to get to meet y'all. Some of my fandoms include Dragon Age, Critical Role, D&D more generally, anime/manga, Guild Wars 2, Pillars of Eternity, gaming and # gameing (part of our Mastodon local culture!)... the list goes on :) is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.