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Hey I'm back! (Intro) 

I missed the Fediverse so I'm crawling back over here :) For new friends, hi, I'm Sky! I'm a JPN➡ENG translator & nerd. Age Grownup™️, , , ish, , . Here for daily life/fun & stuff, avoid politics, but bigotry/TERFs/antis are not welcome.

Some stuff I like: / , 5e, , , , retro , , , etc. I'm mainly an RPer.

Hope to meet some more cool folks here!

No matter how many times I read "OFMD" my brain spits out "Original Female Male Dog" this is the true FFA brainrot lmao

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Art is not only about expressing yourself but also about expressing your blorbo thoughts,

& the reason I like writing more than illustration is because fanart is hard but I can make a fanfiction soooooo good

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... so yeah stopped grandfathering a bunch of servers, including, on old hosting plans. Meaning server costs basically doubled overnight, and are close to getting higher again.

The fallout, I suspect, being a bunch of mid-sized servers are going to shut down, growing the servers that managed to survive, or weren't affected by, the price hike.

[ Me bingeing ]

Me: these short dramatic arcs in between the comedy are great, I prefer dark stuff anyway, can't wait to get to the really serious part of Gintama
All the episode guides: you are rapidly reaching the point of no return, it's wall to wall heartbreak from here and no one is safe
Me: ................drags my feet on getting to the really serious part of Gintama

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HEY PALS OUR NEW SINGLE IS OUT :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow:

watch 'The Way You Want' on youtube:

get it on bandcamp:

plus it's also on spotify and all the other places!! we worked really hard on this and are super excited for you to see it :3 thank you SO MUCH for your support :heart_trans:

I guess that is probably a product of the fact that this org presumably has no money due to most people not knowing LGMD even exists, but pleeeeease the cartoon lime hurts me in my soul 😂

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Eternally suffering from the fact that the LGMD organization constantly posts with Graphic Design Is My Passion level bad powerpoint looking graphics, with this horrible mascot cartoon lime character that reminds me of the Blue Badger from Phoenix Wright... I'm begging y'all please stop trying so hard 😂

I love Gintoki a lot though and all of the characters are very charming. I'm told things get quite serious at the very tail end of the series, and I can already tell when that happens I'm going to be bawling all over the place.

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Man I really want to get into a new fandom, but I've had zero luck finding anything that inspires me to dive in more than superficially for a long time. Recently I'm bingeing Gintama as a nice distraction though, never got into it back in the day. I think it's best I watched it now, it's very very Japanese and everyone talks really fast and there's so many non otaku pop culture references. I think younger me would have gotten lost. Even now I sometimes have to go back and re listen to lines. 😂

(where by lol I mean slowly sucking my soul out of my body but whatcha gonna do right lol)

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Surfing Twitter bc inescapable hellsite, looking at people's hearts in their names and playing the "rare fellow genderqueer or common TERF" game lol

Me sitting here in the middle of the night like "ok my D&D char knows these languages but learned in this v specific context & only got to practice with certain folks, what would his accent be like? Vocab? Register he's most comfortable with? Level of skill with writing system, spelling, good/bad handwriting? It doesn't make sense if he's just straight up native speaker fluent in all of it, guess it's time to do a full language char sheet for everyone I play--" Hashtag JustTranslatorThings

Rhapsody is getting a Steam release!?!?!!!?! It comes out TODAY!!?!?!?!?? 😭💕 I love it so much, play the English dub version for maximum "roleplaying as a Disney princess" experience, get out there and save your damsel prince in distress 😭🎊

I'll be sad when Retribution goes out of beta, it deserves a purchase but I always miss having save files. I am an unrepentant save scummer in absolutely every game possible lol.

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Wonder if we have any fans around here? FFA got me into it a while back but I picked it up for another replay just recently. Continually salty and a little hurt that genderqueer MCs can't date Chen, but love everything else about the game so much. Probably one of my favorite OCs I've ever made. Tuesday Becker is more of an antihero than a villain, just trying to work outside the law to rip open the corrupt underbelly of the city, but I enjoy making zir as unnerving as possible lol.

It's ridiculous after all this time they're still not widely available... I've been on Masto since 2018 like come on. How is anybody supposed to find anything without tags

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Desperately wish I could replace the completely useless Federated timeline on Mastodon mobile with my five million followed tags, which are the main way I use the site and extremely hard to get to on Android

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