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Hey I'm back! (Intro) 

I missed the Fediverse so I'm crawling back over here :) For new friends, hi, I'm Sky! I'm a JPN➡ENG translator & nerd. Age Grownup™️, , , ish, , . Here for daily life/fun & stuff, avoid politics, but bigotry/TERFs/antis are not welcome.

Some stuff I like: / , 5e, , , , retro , , , etc. I'm mainly an RPer.

Hope to meet some more cool folks here!

GW2 End of Dragons spoilers 

Commander: You're assuming I'm not already a spy.
Rama: Haha, very funny.
Me: to be fair, Cantha is a long way from Elona, and maybe since my boy is literally dressed in 100% full Order of Whispers colors carrying a Whispers staff folks figure he's too obvious to actually be doing any spying? lmfao

my father, barely knows how to install an app: this light on my laptop won't stop blinking, must mean there's software updates
me, set up the family's first WLAN when I was like 13: hw lights aren't usually for sw updates, you should check your charger/power cord/battery are working right
my father: no I checked all that stuff it's gotta be updates. I don't have any updates left but it's updates.

my dad 10 mins later: I pulled the power cord and it stopped blinking.

Uh-huh, you don't say. 🙃

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is YOUR child using the internet to search for and talk to others about "E"??
Watch for these signs in your child's messaging history:
-"I'm looking for the new E" = I'm looking for the new Evanescence
-"come do E with us later" = You're invited to my Evanescence listening party
-"U R M I" you are My Immortal
-"BMTLWMUISMCMNASMFTD" = bring me to life wake me up inside save me call my name and save me from the dark

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help a black transman study for the NY bar exam (donation request) (boosts OK) 

I received a donation of $30–thanks so much to whoever it was! Just putting this back on everyone’s radar. 🥹🖤

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me: opens a Twitter thread about Bianca Davri
me: sees a shitton of people who are wrong on the internet but like they're wrong because they apparently can't read
me: (surprised pikachu) I don't know what I expected

anecdote from yesterday's D&D

our party: meets a baby dragon
baby dragon: let's play hide and seek!!!
my rogue: oh hey I'm really good at hiding let's do it. I'll give myself disadvantage so baby can still find me
my rogue: rolls a 27 and a 22
my rogue:
my rogue: oops

I did it so often I would just mute the TV automatically when getting up............

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continuing my old, proud childhood tradition of "leaving specifically Final Fantasy VI going in a corner for like an hour while accidentally getting distracted doing other stuff"

lmao me and the D&D group swap character playlists sometimes and it's hilarious how different my music taste is from most of the rest

me holding my box: here's my playlist full of edgy melodic metal and instrumental tracks
everybody else: glances awkwardly down at their own boxes... uh here's ours full of pop and arty indie stuff........
me: look I was raised on visual kei and Evanescence let me live

there's nothing wrong with my taste or theirs but I always end up feeling embarrassed lol

got bored and accidentally wrote a 3000 word essay about my D&D character's personality that literally no one will ever see but me lmao whoops

me literally every time I sign into SWTOR with 2FA: It's an older code, sir, but it checks out.

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help a black transman study for the NY bar exam (donation request) (boosts OK) 

I saw someone suggest this elsewhere online, and I figured I would take my shot at it.

Long story short, I'm a black transman studying full time for the bar exam in NY. This means I am, essentially, penniless because bar prep leaves little to no room for work.

Anything helps! And yes, please feel free to boost or share:

If you'd rather CashApp, Paypal, etc, just lmk :)

me: I will just craft my own Commander's Compendiums in SWTOR, I remember it was kind of a pain but I have a lot of credits now so it can't be that bad right
me: ah yes I did not do this because it requires either several weeks or like a billion credits to make 1/3 needed materials, gotcha past self message received

LB bot don't call my D&D character out like this

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Queer update: Currently, I'm feeling hauntingly queer.

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So about a year and a half ago, I took a course on making BJDs and it was honestly one of the best things I ever did, because I have enjoyed it so much!! I just finished this girl up, she’s my second one! She’s just ready for some clothes 😁
#bjd #balljointeddoll #dolls #sylvari #gw2 #clay #guildwars2

tmw you're browsing a site for retro ROMs and suddenly feel really old because one of the new arrivals is a niche game you bought a hard copy of when it was new... 😂

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