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listening to my own liked songs on spotify on shuffle: oh wow this playlist is sick

Can't believe Roddenberry went on record saying Kirk and Spock are partially modeled after Alexander and Hephaestion and then wondered how people are getting gay vibes from the couple

FYI: If you use the Privacy setting "Hide my work from search engines when possible." on AO3, it will hide the works, but your SERIES will still be visible to search engines. The only "solution" to this is not to use series.

(I've contacted AO3 support about it; they're aware of it, but I don't know yet whether there's any plan to change it.)

Someone posted this on discord and it's how I found out Emily Tesh's ao3 pseud and idk just something cool about knowing the secret fandom identity of published authors. Makes me feel like I'm in a secret society or something.

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Everyone and their mom probably knows this by now, but for two more days, you can get All Systems Red/Witchmark/Silver in the Wood for free via Tor's newsletter

Roses are red
My life is a sham
“Go see Pagliacci”
But Doctor, I am

The beautiful thing about neoliberals is they believe everyone should be able to take part in colonialism regardless of race, skin colour, sexual orientation, etc.

Incredibly niche twitter thing that I find funny: every time I end up on a profile of a transmasc involved in publishing/media, Daniel Lavery is already following them

Looking at my DW icons, which are comprised exclusively of men I find attractive from various kinds of media: ah yes, my blorbos...

I forgot the word for hourglass and the best my brain could come up with was "sandclock"

*places an order for anatomy books*

that was enough art practice for today

little known rule of magic of gathering, if the card says "he or she" when referring to the player, it doesn't apply to non binary people

I want to rename my journal but I don't want it to be my tumblr url because naming conventions are too different from DW's, so now I'm stuck trying to remember how you came up with a nickname pre-tumblr

The internet was so much better when it looked like this ('s official website circa 2005)

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