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Looking at my DW icons, which are comprised exclusively of men I find attractive from various kinds of media: ah yes, my blorbos...

I forgot the word for hourglass and the best my brain could come up with was "sandclock"

*places an order for anatomy books*

that was enough art practice for today

little known rule of magic of gathering, if the card says "he or she" when referring to the player, it doesn't apply to non binary people

I want to rename my journal but I don't want it to be my tumblr url because naming conventions are too different from DW's, so now I'm stuck trying to remember how you came up with a nickname pre-tumblr

The internet was so much better when it looked like this ('s official website circa 2005)

Interesting thing I've noticed about is that while the conversation around platforms on tumblr tends to mourn the community feature, I struggle to think of a comm that's consistently active on DW as more than a link repository for personal journals, which seem to be the preferred "place" for interaction for most people, maybe because anyone who's on DW already has an established and tight friend group? As they tend to have been around a while. Unsure.

PSA: As of September you can report fics tagged with the wrong language (apparently people do this either to hide controversial stuff or to promote their work in a smaller pool) by contacting support.

I found this on aethel's DW where it was also reported that the team prefers to get a single ticket per user in the case of multiple offences across different languages.

Link to the announcement:

The virgin Jurassic World (multiple characters chastizing the lead woman for not having children) vs the chad Jurassic Park (the male lead's emotional arc is getting over his disdain of children). Also Sam Neill has transmasc energy here.

Anyway you can at last detwitter completely by just plugging the usernames of those last two profiles you're interested in into nitter, get your feed from the top right corner and never open the cursed bird website again

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I can't believe I only now found out that you can still get twitter rss feeds from

I'm the worst pseudo anarchopirate to ever anarchopirate

When mining bitcoin, always place torches on the right, so you can find your way back.

Things about spoilering for sensitive content on Discord that I will never understand:

1. Spoilering a cuss word *and* censoring it with random characters like in comic books so you're spoilering a bunch of %&@

2. Spoilering a mention of a commonly triggering topic that's just a word (ok) but then warning for it before by... using the word again

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