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Some notes:

* I do have Strong Opinions about certain SW things, but I'm cool if you don't agree. Who cares? It's people swinging laser swords, man.
* My love language is affectionately ragging on things, don't take the complaining too seriously.
* Sometimes I try to be funny. I am so sorry.

I went and put all my fanfic about Mandalorians into one series on AO3. (Cross-promotion! *jazz hands*)

...there's EIGHT works in it, six of that fanfic (one is meta, one is fanart). Oh lol. Apparently I'm one of Those People now.

Two of those are in the series because of Satine Kryze; wonder how many New Mandalorian haters I'm gonna irritate with that one. 😈

li'l self-promo: I just posted the last chapter of my Star Wars longfic, "As the Desert Sang". It's an AU fix-it of Episode II where the Tuskens aren't mindless savages and Shmi Skywalker isn't killed by them for unexplained reasons; instead... other things happen.

It's all Shmi PoV; there's adventure, lots of worldbuilding (both nature and culture), non-Jedi Force traditions, some mystery, and some (I've been told) very likeable OCs.

Lets abandon one niche SW series for another: I have just gotten to the part of Wedge's Gamble where Gavin comes to ask Corran about interspecies relationships and Iella tells the story about Corran's Selonian ex. A DELIGHT. Definitely appreciate the offhand mention of polyamory.

I love this series. The writing is clunky as hell in places, but I really vibe with its... worldview, I guess? Especially around relationships.

... okay, this bugs me. Not a Mandaboo, that would require much better opinion of Traviss' writing than I actually have.

I mean, it's not the writing that's the problem! It's the weird gender politics! The writing (craft) is actually really good, that's why I can't just toss RepComm (the book series) into the bin and forget about it.

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Okay, for real, I did NOT expect to get this *waves vaguely* about the RepComm game. I found the title song (Vode An) on Spotify and just.......CHILLS.

Mandaboo confirmed, fml.

I just need Sev to stop running ahead like an idiot and getting himself downed all the time. Dude, ffs, wait for your damn squad!!! But nooo, Mr. Gravel Voice does not understand concepts like "waiting for cover fire" and "self-preservation".

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Playing SW: Republic Commando as a fan with their brain pickled by fanfic is An Experience. Pretty sure the intended player reaction to this Serious Manly Man FPS isn't to go "EEEEE MY BABIESSSSS!! 😍"

You too can watch Din Djarin dissolve into a rainbow. 🌈

...I might be spending too much time on YouTube. ANYWAY, today's SW find: "Din Djarin being a comedian for 5 minutes and 14 seconds straight"

the title is a bit off IMO, but it's a damn funny fanvid!

Today's Star Wars shiny: "Secrets of Star Wars design"

VIdeo about the design language of Star Wars spaceships, and what makes a SW design. Very cool!

...I just accidentally wrote "Hans Solo".

😬 😬 😬 😬 😬

I think this is gonna haunt me.

... and now for something completely different, Darth Vader wearing a kilt and riding a unicycle:

This is for all the weird and wonderful humans and non-humans of Clan McGillicuddy, wherever in the world ye be.

#DarthVader #ClanMcGillicuddy

The May the 4th Exchange collection went live yesterday! (... I mean. Duh.)

I've been through almost all of it now, and I definitely have a few favorites already! I'm trying to comment on every story I loved, but once I'm done with that I will post a few links here.

random thought brought to you by a completely unrelated fic I'm writing, IDK maybe my brain is tired of my PoV character's ~drama~

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...wait, is "varactyl" a combination of "varanus" (as in a monitor lizard) and "pterodactyl"?!

(it's not on the Wookieepedia so probably not, but like??)

all-caps, mistakes were made and I'm angry 

THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING IS, I got my laptop exchanged for a new one a few months ago, and our company has a BYOD policy, so I could have bought a new laptop to game on! And get it paid off by the BYOD money! BUT IT DID NOT OCCUR TO ME AT THE TIME!!! I was all like "sure, give me another one of these, I'm alright :) I like having one personal laptop and one for work" I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!!!

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😍 : Steam has a May the 4th sale on SW games!
😭 : there's no way my laptop will play anything newer than like, 2010. (I really wanted Fallen Order, waaah...)

*sighs* At least I can buy some nostalgia fodder. Episode I pod racer game, here I come!

Since we've been reminiscing about our "year in Star Wars" over on the comm, I calculated how many SW fics I've written in a year. 20 fics, over 140k words in total. That is SO COOL. I'm so proud of myself! I'm so glad I fell into this fandom.

I sort of regret making the chapters so short, and next time I publish a chaptered longfic I'm going to post the first few chapters at once so people can get invested in the story, but I don't regret splitting it into chapters in the first place. It's a great experience to let the story spool out over weeks and months.

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