or maybe start a separate fanfic spreadsheet? hmmmmmmm

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Seriously tempted to start putting novel length fanfics on my book tracking spreadsheet this year…hmmmmmm….

I don't know why I keep trying to trick myself into NOT re-listening to TAZ: Balance for the 17th time but it's probably the same part of me that starts reading novel-length fanfics at 2am

I did check for librarian jobs around here and there's some decent ones open-- including at my old library-- but thinking about going thru the whole process of getting that job makes me feel tired

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On the one hand I would like a little job, on the other hand I really don't want to have to go through the stress of applying + interviewing + actually DOING the job

So I guess I need to make my OWN job aka get back to selling things on eBay and writing blog posts for ad money 💀

I ended up sending her this Twitter thread: mobile.twitter.com/mspowahs/st which did a good job of covering not only why someone would use she/they but also how it’s shorthand for she/her and they/them and not a new, confusing pronoun

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She’s been hostile towards trans identities in the past so her asking me for more info in a non-confrontational way threw me for a loop & I’d like to send her some more info that isn’t just from me. Ty for your help!

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RESOURCES NEEDED for my Gen X parent to help her understand gender fluid identities / why some people use multiple pronouns / etc. Websites okay, videos probably better, books not the best choice

so far he's brought me three goose memes and stolen my cursor arrow twice! I highly recommend adding a naughty goose friend to your desktop

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Any buddies here planning on buying Famicon Detective Club for the ? I’m super tempted because I love visual novels/mysteries, but I’m iffy about the price 😣

Professor: Can you take a picture of this specific Pokémon doing a specific thing? For science? 🥸

Me: takes 12 pictures of Bidoof’s ass sticking out of its dam

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Two photos from New Pokémon Snap: the waving flower Pokémon whose name I can never remember and a very pretty Quagsire sitting in a jungle!

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New Pokémon Snap showed up and I am already CRYING because of how cute it is! A plant Pokémon waved at me 😭😭😭

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idk why I have an extra deposit from the IRS in my account but I'm going to spend it on New Pokemon Snap and the new Ace Attorney game coming out in July 🎮

I read a thing that’s made me paranoid about my teeth again so I’m investing in an electric toothbrush, but I need something for flossing that isn’t actual floss b/c I can’t stand the feeling of it 😣 But they’re so expensive!

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Anybody have a recommendation for a decent-ish water flosser that doesn’t cost $30+? Is there even such a thing? 😔

I bought a different coffee brand than my usual and I Hate It but I also can't just waste money and throw it out, so now I gotta figure out a way to drink it

I'm thinking maybe making a cold brew? And putting in some white chocolate flavoring to mask the disgusting taste? Or would that make it worse...

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