Murderbot book 5 complete! Loved the weird alien stuff and also squishy feelings between friends.

Going to take a break to charge my Kindle and try Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san vol. 1. Cover looks quirky so hopefully it’s fun.

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Zoomed thru Murderbot book 4 & and now on 5 and woo! This is exciting stuff!

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Murderbot book 3: a new friend has arrived!!! 🥰

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Finished book 1 of the Murderbot Diaries and immediately went into book 2, which I just finished at the top of the hour. Now I know why everyone kept crying over Murderbot and friends-- I'm doing it too, tbh.

Planning to continue reading the series today, so I'm going into book 3 just as soon as I load it up onto my Kindle.

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*Martha Wells, gah. Stupid sleepy typing fingers!!

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Finally awake and starting my first read for Dewey's 24 Hour - Martha Well's All Systems Red, the first Murderbot Diaries book.

I've had this on my TBR for a few years and have heard good things, so I'm looking forward to finally reading it!

Updates and book reactions will be kept here:

And am almost done with BUNGO STRAY DOGS season 1! I'm liking it a lot, tho I'm surprised more of the characters aren't, like, older than 25. It's like they've squeezed 30 years of living into an 18 year time frame.

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Almost done with ONE PIECE season 1 (maybe 10 eps from the end?) which is a real feat because usually I give up when a show is more than 40 episodes long.

Also working on SOUL EATER and I'm mostly just wondering why it was (is?) so popular. Does it get better after 3 episodes or should I give up?

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Have opened for the first time in 6 months to get ready for the November update! Was tempted to just start over with a new island but I think I’ll just demolish everything and redesign it instead

The power went out suddenly yesterday and messed up the external HD where I keep my Plex/Jellyfin stuff, so now I get to spend two days transferring files off of it, reformatting it, and transferring files back.

Really hope it's not ACTUALLY damaged and that a fresh formatting will fix it...

I use the skull emoji a lot but mostly in a self-deprecating/negative tone kind of way. Other people say it’s like “dead from laughter,” one step up from 😂 and that’s why it’s positive.

Either way, I think a single 💀 left on a stranger’s post with nothing else definitely would be viewed as a sarcastic or negative tone. What do you think?

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Some TikTok people are arguing about the meaning of a skull emoji 💀 in a comment. No other emojis, no text, just the skull. Person who left it meant it to be positive, people who saw it thought it was negative.

It’s interesting seeing how the meanings of emojis and emoticons change depending on the context of where they were left AND depending on who’s viewing them.

Went back to the dentist because it still hurt to chew on that tooth & it turns out the fucking filling fell out. 😵‍💫 gah!

Got a replacement and a follow-up appointment to check on it next week, fingers crossed it’s good enough & I don’t need a root canal/crown.

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Want to borrow a trans-related book, and you're in the UK? Here you'll find a good selection, and they'll send your choice along by 2nd class post - even including return postage if you mark that on your request - and you'll have it for one month. And it's all free. ^_^ (Donations, obviously, are welcome)

Internet is currently down so I’m forced to read a PAPER book for entertainment like it’s the 90s again or something

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was excited to get an interview with a company doing genealogy research and after Googling it turns out that the job is a 1099 position which involves cold-calling people all day. AND it's commission-based which is definitely not what the job ad said


“Relatively cool” = 71* 💀 I guess I’m glad I’ve acclimated to SoCal weather…

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It’s so nice and (relatively) cool today! Almost hot chocolate weather. ✨☕️💜✨

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