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[Jan. 2020]
👋 Early 30's; queer; they/them.
📚 Children's & p/t eBay seller.
💻 Fandom old; currently into The Hobbit, Good Omens (again), It Chapter 2. editor.
🤩 Very into internet history, history, , , , internet privacy. Also 80's fantasy kids art, idk.
👩‍💻 () user.
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ENFP as I understand it via a 1980s book about organization 

Also one chapter was dedicated to the MBTI personality thing and this version actually made sense to me?? The questions made much more sense than any other version I’ve done. I got ENFP

First book for the year: File...Don’t Pile.

It’s a 1980s book about organizing your files, almost none of which applies to modern day life. 🤗 Loved the author’s writing style tho & it was cool in a “the way we were” sort of time capsule thing

I stole this from Tumblr 

I like the new computer, I’m gonna keep it. The old computer can stay as a media server thing until it finally craps out. Yay!

I'm typing this from my NEW COMPUTER and it is WEIRD

hi everyone! i have a family trip coming up for my meme’s funeral, so i’m running a sale on my etsy for 25% off everything to try to raise a lil extra $

i can also do simple avatars for $10

boosts appreciated! 🖤

Looking at job ads.

Qualification: "Must have a sense of humor."


Upside of MacBook: I feel fancy as fuck, Mac OS is easy to use, good video editing apparently, lightweight and thin, compatible with my iPhone/iPad/iPods

Not compatible with my video games!! I don’t think I have ANY Mac-compatible video games.

Downside of MacBook: not 100% compatible with my Windows/Linux shit, different keyboard shortcuts, $$, weird hardware things that randomly break, trauma leftover from 11 years ago when my last MacBook ate it for no reason

Features I want: thin, lightweight, 16GB ram, not too noisy, can handle editing videos without crashing, 5 hour minimum battery life

The only other one I could see getting is maybe an Asus Zenbook or a Lenovo Thinkpad? But that’s the same $$ as a MacBook Pro anyway.

Also the price is a LITTLE 💀 even though it’s refurbished. And the HD is literally the tiniest I’ve ever had

But I feel a little ~_~ about it because I hate how Apple restricts consumer-side updates and fixes? But I’d never install updated shit into a laptop anyway because it makes me nervous, so I’m not worried about that part re:myself

So my laptop is basically dying a slow death despite trying to resuscitate it with a Linux install, so... I bought a (refurbished) MacBook? I hate shopping for computers & they’re all basically the same price for what I want...

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