Have mostly finished Paper Mario: OK which means I beat Olly and finished the storyline but now must go back and find all the Toads, treasures, etc that I didn’t bother finding the first time

And I’m trying to do it without just using a walkthrough, because that’s boring! It DOES mean I’m spending a lot of time trying to jump off ledges to see if there’s secret stuff below, though

So our power went out for 6 hours which unfortunately is just over the recommended time allotted for keeping food safe in the fridge. ☃️

good thing tomorrow is grocery shopping day!

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The Big Five Publishers have been price-fixing again, this time with Amazon!

Just buy indie. The large publishers are running a racket.


so it turns out I only have a little bit of energy for writing updates regarding IRL stuff and the one I have chosen is my paper journal, ha

definitely slept weird on my shoulder/neck/something so this is the third day of having a vaguely painful neck/head situation (the first two happening because of national events)

sucks getting old I guess!!!

Enjoying Paper Mario: OK much more now that I have the puzzle solver thingy— makes the numerous little fights easier so I can save my big brain energy for the boss fights

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"Works from 1925 were supposed to go into the public domain in 2001, after being copyrighted for 75 years. But before this could happen, Congress hit a 20-year pause button and extended their copyright term to 95 years. Now the wait is over."


Two things I listed on eBay today have sold already. Did I put too low of a price? Or was the price ~just right and that's why they went so fast? 🤔

Either way, I got the things for free so any profit is nice. And I definitely had them listed earlier in the year for higher, and they never sold, so....it's probably fine... 🤔

I did keep a couple genealogy things that I could eventually turn into a blog post or presentation or something, but most of it was just useless

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finally going thru and deleting (most of) my grad school stuff because I'll literally never read it or use it again

on the one hand, yay, no more clutter

on the other hand, huge amount of time and money I spent writing all this stuff and now it's just digital dust

not me finally going thru my folder of unsorted PDFs downloaded from random internet places circa May 2019!!!

I really hate how repetitive the Paper Mario battles are, but I love finding Toads and flattening them with my hammer...

so far, a mixed response.

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gonna play the new Paper Mario game instead! Yay!

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nvm that, I need to get off the computer b/c I’ve been doing way to many repetitive things on it this week and have hurt my should lmao I am old 😔

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anyway I finally got a big-ish micro sd card so now I'm downloading all my digital Switch games and transferring them to an external HD for backup. fun!

mean bean dad is the same dude who made the mbmbam theme song????

"For reasons we’re sure you’re all aware of, we’re getting started finding new music for MBMBaM. You’ll probably hear a filler theme song on this week’s episode. We’re not sure what’ll come after that, honestly, but we hope you’ll stick around to find out." twitter.com/MBMBaM/status/1345

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if y'all haven't seen twitter today there's a LOT of weird stuff happening

too many of my hobbies lead to me creating very specific spreadsheets

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