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Hello all! We've opened a forum to start building our community in the lead up to the launch of the beta. People who join the forum and abide by the rules will get an invite to the beta. You can apply for forum access via this form:

Urgh. I'm really quite sick. Definitely a cold, not covid-19, cos I'm sneezing my head off and my throat and breathing is fine.

But. I feel like shit.

Oh, and I've apparently got a cold.

No covid-19 symptoms, though, yay.

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day 3. Hubby and Biscuit made pancakes. Its Saturday, so no school. Miss13 took a shower (YAY).

Yesterday I sewed some masks because you can't buy them and Hubby is the designated leave-the-house person and he wanted *something*. I didn't account for the beard tho. Those things get in the way.

Also sewed scrunchies for Miss13's impending lockdown birthday.

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Hello! Here I am with the customary Monday update, posted on Tuesday on Twitter and then here on... Friday.

I've created a demo of the posting interface. It's very similar to the Tumblr one, and (as you will see) made to be part of a more threaded environment than modern socials.

A lot of bells and whistles are missing, and I hope to get to implement more and more post types as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, feel free to play with it and leave feedback at!

Also, she'll be getting cake. But that's Hubby's job. I don't do cake.

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So it's Miss13's birthday during (she'll be Miss14 in less than a week) and we planned a shopping trip.

Yeah, that's not happening. Neither is an online shopping trip. Non-essentials aren't allowed.

We bought something small for her a few weeks ago but that's it, so I'm waiting till she's asleep and I'll make some scrunchies and some bunting for her room.

So grateful scrunchies are cool again. I must have made about a million for myself back in the day so I know what I'm doing.

Day 2 of .

Miss13 refuses to shower. And we're not allowed to speak to her because apparently she's at school.

We're out of bread and I didn't get up early enough to start making bread. I guess it's scones for lunch.

Hubby's just come off night shift. You can tell he's tired cos he's all loopy. But his good natured ribbing of Miss13 will go sideways if he doesn't stop.

Miss13 has no patience with her ridiculous parents r/n.

Biscuit quite happy in lockdown.

It's been less than a day and Miss13 has lost her mind already.

So suddenly it appears we're supposed to be social distancing WITHIN our lockdown family bubble when there's an essential worker in the house and I'm just like, yeah that would be nigh impossible. I'd be sleeping on the couch for a month. The kitchen table isn't big enough for that kind of distance. The HOUSE isn't big enough.

I've resigned myself to the fact that if hubby brings it home, we'll all get it.

Biscuit is on day 3 of school-at-home and he's done his entire weeks work.

So he's reading some Lovecraft.

Someone's already flouting the lockdown. Cruising up and down the road, very noisily.

Hang on, no. They're doing laps. I can hear them coming back around.

Well, we're officially locked down. Only things available for the next month (minimum) are 'necessities of life'.

Kinda pleased with my massive fabric stash now. Especially since its gonna get cold soon and Biscuit kinda shot up a foot or so over the summer.

(clever people might have thought of that and sorted it while the shops were still open. Not me, I think I was so focused on having enough food, which of course, we can replenish. Clothes, not so much)

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covid-19, but funny 

SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

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SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

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SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

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SPN 15x13. Spoilers, probably. 

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