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Another , since its been a while since I've done one and there's lots of new people.

- I'm an adult.
- I'm problematic AF.

There. I think that covers it.

Home now. Big weekend. Am exhaust. *sleeps*

I label most of my notebooks with 'dead dove, do not eat' so my family know what to destroy if I were ever to meet an untimely demise.

But I'm thinking I should just get a stamp made. If it ever happens, you'll know, because there'll be a massive notebook fire outside my house.

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Seriously, people, Facebook is not the fucking Internet.

SO fucking angry at organisations whose only Web presence is Facebook and don't have so much as a public facing phone number or email address.

Also, my grandfather calling me a 'bloody teenager' and me insisting 'I'm 44!'

I dreamt that my mum and maternal grandparents were still alive and were all pissed at me.

Same dream: when trying to text them, all my phone would do was blast ads at me.

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Oh, in other news, there's a group on facebook on a crusade to shut down a bunch of comms and lots of hubby's comms are going on lockdown. One considering finding another platform.

I'm just sitting over here going "psst, " every now and again.

Fully expect to start dreaming in CSS soon.

I'm okay with that.

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happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the Fediverse. :)

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And just watched her mothers day special vid. So so wholesome <3

Woke up this morning to Biscuit bearing a mother's day card in the shape of a coffee cup. Appropriate.

Haven't got my coffee yet though. Miss13 still in bed.

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What AO3 metrics actually mean...

Kudos: Number of unique readers who liked your story enough to get to the bottom of the page and push the ❀️ button.

Bookmarks: Number of unique readers who would read your story again.

Hits: Maybe a lot of people noped out at the author's note, maybe you have a few dedicated readers who've read the story on a bazillion devices. We just don't know.

Comments: Divide by two for the number of readers who were having a good mental health day when they visited.

Hubs still kinda afraid of F-Droid but determined not to use play store, asks me to help him find solitaire for his phone.

3 hours later, I'm still playing solitaire cos I accidentally installed it on my device as well.

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