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Another , since its been a while since I've done one and there's lots of new people.

- I'm an adult.
- I'm problematic AF.

There. I think that covers it.

And sometimes you just fuck up so badly that your only choice is to stick the pages together.

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Woops I watched the entire 4th season of Outlander over two nights.

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I'm really proud of my prime minister. I have so much respect for how she's handled the tragedy in Christchurch. She showed so respect and bent to the traditions that are enforced in the Muslim parts of our beautiful country by wearing this hijab.

She didn't have to, but she's shown love, she's shown courage and above all she's shown what it is to be a true leader of #NewZealand

I didn't go to sleep last night. I'm really, totally, absolutely too old for all-nighters, but holy heck, the mornings are all shiny and crap from this end.

And I get to discover stuff like the chooks get up *before* the sun comes up.

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As someone who frequently sorts by word count on ao3, I really wish people would use the "series" functionality for their one shots anthologies.

Also because the wall of tags just becomes too much lbr.

Went to the beach.

Me: nah, I won't take my togs, I won't be swimming
Me: *ends up bodysurfing and has to go home in a towel for a skirt and Miss12's shirt*

It's St Patrick's day! I have a green cake to eat! Also going to the beach to eat fish and chips because that's what we do.

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“Photo from Wellington in solidarity with the victims of today’s terrorist attack in Christchurch.”

#NewZealand #NewZealandTerroristAttack #Christchruch

PM: "our gun laws will change"

How is this real? Shocked. Worst shooting ever in , so says the news (they're not counting the Featherston massacre, apparently, I have questions, but okay). Must be absolutely horrific for those personally affected. Kia kaha, fellow kiwis. You belong here.

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RT @MuslimIQ

My request as a Muslim & fellow human:

The New Zealand terrorists live streamed their terrorist attack with specific hopes you watch it & share it.

Do Not Give Them A Platform.

Suffocate their hate. Suffocate their hate. Suffocate their hate.

Thank you.😓



Holy shit. Mass shooting today in Christchurch. Horrified. This shit doesn't happen here. But apparently it does. Just...horrified.

How old is old as fuck these days? Because I thought I was on the low end of old as fuck but maybe I'm actually ancient as fuck?

I mean, okay, if I *am* ancient as fuck I'm cool with it, I just wanna know, okay?

(I totally think the scale depends on the platform, like I'm tumbly ancient but masto old but am I fandom old or fandom ancient?)

(Elvis was still alive when I was born)

I need something defined again because I'm old and weird.

What's a 'subtoot'?

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