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Follow requests PSA: please have something in your profile or I'll kinda assume you're not a real person.

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Fantasising about rules for my future hubzilla install being like:

- no antis
- seriously, no antis
- actually, go make your own goddamn hub cos I'm paying for this shit and I don't intend to tiptoe around in it

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I've locked my account as a precaution, because the fediverse is changing, evolving, whatever, and I'm not quite sure what to expect.

(I'm weeding out the douchebags and the spammers, everyone else is very welcome)

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Another , since its been a while since I've done one and there's lots of new people.

- I'm an adult.
- I'm problematic AF.

There. I think that covers it.

Power company email: you owe us $xxx

Actual bill, attached: we owe you $xxx, you're good

Me: FFS dont do that to me

Just stabbed myself with a fountain pen.


(I gave myself an unintentional tattoo like that once. The dot stayed there for months)

Sitting here minding my own business, when suddenly, Biscuit, who's been quietly making games on , shouts 'nuqneH!' (what do you want)

Sitting in bed listening to bunnies trashing their cage out in the lounge.

Guess its time to wake up.

Two of the party have just walked into trees while gathering firewood. Another has a bad case of poison ivy.

How are these idiots still alive?

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Folks, there's so much of RT-ing of stuff on twitter out here. Might be good to have our own conversations here? Linking back to the birdsite is not going to help this network grow.

Also I was very concerned because old lady, lives alone, and I think its very bad manners to enquire after someones finances but I *had* to ask her if she was sure she could afford it and was told "you don't know me I could be rolling in dough" so I was like well okay and shut my yap O.O

Little old lady from down the street just turned up and gave Biscuit a ridiculously $$$ cheque to replace the scooter he broke a few months back that he was otherwise going to have to wait till Christmas to replace O.O

We didn't know her from Adam but apparently Biscuit has made an impression as he walks past on the way to school every morning.

(Also she thought he was a girl until today, older generation + hair to his waist, it happens, and she apologised)

So I'm Miss13 a sorta 50's style semi-formal dress for her end-of-primary-school 'graduation', and for a while I've been like, weird, we didnt have any fancy graduation in our day, best we had was an end of year school disco, and I recall I wore bike pants, because it was the late 80s, and bike pants were the new cool thing.

It's all so weird.

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"With streaming services there's no reason to pira-"

Exclusive content

Content that can easily be removed by any contract changes

Region locking

Not being able to offically know which content is available before subscribing

Bad UI

DRM playback

Online only

Only on supported devices/OSs/browsers

Biscuit is looking for a server, anyone know of one?

(Boosts appreciated)

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Echoing the tips others are posting, if you upload a profile picture and post a little bit before following others you'll have a much higher chance of being followed back or talked to!

we're drastically reducing our meat consumption around here BECAUSE MEAT IS HELLA EXPENSIVE NOW WTF

Pretty much reliant on the chickens for eggs now, too. Before, the free eggs were just a bonus. Now they're an essential part of our diet.

Biscuit just showed me the pong game he made in and I'm like O.O and he's like *shrug* and I'm like dude, you're 11, I'm well impressed.

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Biscuit just reminded me of the time I made myself fresh peppermint and almost drank a caterpillar.

I just dumped an entire litre of milk all over the kitchen because im a DUMBASS and poured boiling water onto a cold jar.

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