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Another , since its been a while since I've done one and there's lots of new people.

- I'm an adult.
- I'm problematic AF.

There. I think that covers it.

Wow it's been over 10 days since I got on the computer and there was a hell of a lot of stuff-I-don't-do-on-mobile to catch up on.

Screw you, Spider-Pig, get out of my head.

It's just hit me.

You know the fediverse has gone mainstream when all the bad people decide they want to join up.

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Cute reusable shopping bags! New Zealand has banned plastic bags.

I'm more stashbusting fugly bags at the moment. Did the handles in a continuous length. Took me two whole nights and I ended up with a big ball of fugly-bag-handle. Yesterday I tore several metres of fugly fabric into bag-sized panels. I'm attaching the handles today.

I'm also using this project to get through all those half empty thread reels in odd colours that just take up space. It's been quite effective so far and results in some interesting combinations.

In addition to the teenage girls in the house, Biscuit's mate from down the road turned up this morning with his chickens. Just taking his chooks for a walk.

just buying an epic crapton of elastic, as you do

couple of teenage girls in the house chatting away and they're so wholesome

Need to cut my nails again. I can't possibly type with these stupid freaking things on the end of my fingers.

So I've been sick, so I got nothing done, then we had the insulators here yesterday, and today Miss13's friend is coming over, and *maybe* tomorrow I'll just be able to chill and catch up with everything.

I do so hate it when life is busy.

Like, its exhausting being 'on' all the time. And the longer I'm 'on' the longer it takes to recharge.

Who am I kidding? This week is a write-off.

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@vamp @shirasade I think I've got it: writersmonth-feed.dreamwidth.o

It's currently empty because DW doesn't back-populate feeds. But hopefully it'll work!

Hubby, using Gmail for 13+ years: how do I find a message again?

Me, quit Gmail years ago: star it

Hubby: and what does that mean?

Me: it means you can find it again

Hubby: how?

Me: you should be able to filter by starred

Hubby: how?


Sleeping a lot cos sick. Having weird AF dreams and the last one I woke up from with my heart going crazy cos roman soldiers had come to kill the bunch of survivors I was part of because it was kinda post-apocalyptic and also there were some elements from Preacher because I binge-watched the last season.

So I'm even sicker today.

Hubs piled blankets on me, he and Biscuit went out to play 40k, and left me in the care of Miss13.

Loss of loved one, cancer, (-) 

I am 'the listener'. Like, that's it, that's my job.

It's fucking exhausting.

But Miss13 has done the laundry so that's awesome.

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