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Sudden wave of comments on some of my old (really old) twific O.O

*cough* Midnight Sun?

Schrodinger's possum during Winston's press conference...


Dear universe. I literally got eight hours solid last night. At 3pm I should not be ready for more sleep.


Wow. Miss14's school offers a Chainsaw Course.

Teens with chainsaws.


Holy crap we have covid again. Back to level 2 tomorrow. Must say I had a bit of a freak out when I heard.

Hubby has taken Biscuit to doctor cos he's been sick for three days. Can't be covid, we thought, covid isn't here anymore, cept they're masked up and in the special covid section and Biscuit REALLY doesn't want a cotton bud shoved up his nose but dad's gonna take one for the team and get tested too.

Argh. is tomorrow but I'm sick :( Looks like I'm sending the fam off in the morning without me.

Hubby got real-name-policied on Facebook. He's not pleased...

Power is out.

We're candles ahoy around here now.

Kids don't know what to do with themselves.

The house is shaking because wind.

Kinda glad we don't have a trampoline right now.

Seeing some pretty cool custom layouts on lately. \o/

I've just bought a dress form (dressmakers dummy).

She's probably gonna need a name, since she'll be part of the family and all.

WTF David Haydn-Jones (Ketch in SPN) is in a Buffy episode??? That I've seen about a trillion times? How did I not know this?

(surprise surprise, he plays a member of the Watcher's Council)

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