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Fantasising about rules for my future hubzilla install being like:

- no antis
- seriously, no antis
- actually, go make your own goddamn hub cos I'm paying for this shit and I don't intend to tiptoe around in it

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I've locked my account as a precaution, because the fediverse is changing, evolving, whatever, and I'm not quite sure what to expect.

(I'm weeding out the douchebags and the spammers, everyone else is very welcome)

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Another , since its been a while since I've done one and there's lots of new people.

- I'm an adult.
- I'm problematic AF.

There. I think that covers it.

TFW your child judges you

goddamn perfect post-millenials

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Urgh, I'm sick again. Goddamn change-of-seasons bollocks.

wanted a unicorn shirt but couldn't find one in her price range. I told her to make one. So she bought a $5 t-shirt and got to work. I had a bit of white t-shirting lying around. She drew the silhouette, made the pattern and did the cutting and pinning, I stitched it for her. I think we did rather well.

Locked myself out of internet banking. Had to *call the bank*. Of course they cant help me because I don't have a driver's license or passport.

Apparently I don't qualify as a person or whatever.

XMPP is now my only IM, but of course no one I know uses it. Sigh.

Choosing not to install the telegram fork on fdroid, and no instagram, sorry Miss13 and @Venis

Found protonmail apk at (official), sweet.

So far the big apps I'm missing are protonmail and my banking app.

Not sure what im gonna do about that yet.

Reset my tablet. Gonna try for no google, see how that works.

sometimes I just want to be on

So lately I've been pillowcases. Biscuit and I have these dinky memory foam pillows and they drown in regular pillowcases, so I'm making custom-sized ones.

I've got a fair bit of vintage sheeting floating around, so that's what I'm using.

My fave might be the one I made out of one of my grandmother's old flannelette sheets. It'd been cut down the middle and resewn (to combat wearing thin in the centre) and a hole had been machine-darned.

My pillowcase has a story to tell.

I'm about to go back to pen and paper for everything because my tablet is being an arse and I'm not sure if I'm up for resetting it to see if that'll help any.

I've been on a bit lately. I have an account simply as moral support for Miss13 (there was a bullying incident a while back), but since I'm there anyway I've been following some accounts & hashtags of interest.

It's a bloody mess. I can't make heads or tails of the interface, and the 'timeline'... Isn't. I can't just open the app to look at Miss13's pics when she posts them, I've got to then figure out how to get to her profile, because the feed isn't chronological.

Fuck algorithms.

So apparently they're making fabric out of coffee now?

Thank god for view source and that I can read html

Whoever invented 'bloglovin' and whoever saves shit to pinterest from there needs a good slapping


My calendar and task widgets just decided to up and stop working and I'm like, I cannot adult without these things wtf

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