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Hi all, decided to join even though I haven't been active on tumblr for about 2 years or so. I drift in and out of fandoms somewhat regularly, but I'm fond of Mawaru Penguindrum, Touken Ranbu, Aria, otome/josei drama CDs and Tolkien.

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enstars anime 

mom teaching me her chinese auntie cooking hacks and using our washing machine's spin cycle like a big salad spinner to get water out of cabbage for dumplings later


i keep forgetting about the whole 'spend single tickets to raise rates for your 10 pull' thing for dragalia because gacha doesn't work that way in granblue, lol. oh well, there's tomorrow (and the rest of the anniversary)


the official app for the birdsite has mysteriously vanished from the playstore for me. i'm taking this as a sign that i should spend more time here 😋

I'm sloooowly making progress on my anime backlog - finished Infinite Stratos (man, Uchiyama kinda sucked back in the day but it was only his 3rd MC role so he's improved a lot) and Kyou Kara Maou is next. I don't remember anything but I'll watch it just for the voice actors. You don't get to hear most of them regularly in seasonal anime anymore.


i think the last thing i did on tumblr before i left was attempt to code a layout for yume/self insert stuff so you could just input a name and not have to read "(y/n)" over and over again. i didn't get far with it though and of course it didn't matter when reading from the dash so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is the first time I've seen someone include skincare goods with their doujinshi/zine. Usually it's something like stickers or a tote bag, haha.

can't wait for whatever else anime news network has in store for the rest of the year 

she and her cat, spoilers i guess 

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kyoani, orientalism 

kyoani, sexism 


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‼️KyoAni sells high-res digital images online for 216yen each. ‼️

The money directly goes to kyoani, since it's downloadable picture, they dont need to spend time ship real stuff out. ‼️It's a great way to directly support them financially.‼️


birdsite, BL discourse 

fic on pixiv, nsfw mention 

hk protests 

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