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Hi all, decided to join even though I haven't been active on tumblr for about 2 years or so. I drift in and out of fandoms somewhat regularly, but I'm fond of Mawaru Penguindrum, Touken Ranbu, Aria, otome/josei drama CDs and Tolkien.

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We just replaced our dead chest freezer and now the washing machine decides it's time to go too. Both were older than me so it was probably going to happen any day now, but it doesn't hurt any less... 😭

was in the mood for rereading old fics and checked out stories of arda - there's spam links for sites selling watches in some of the fic descriptions now... guess it's time to back up and save whatever i can now

finally fell into vtuber hell

(idk wasn't all that interested in the shiro/kaguya luna/etc. content friend was recommending me before a few months ago)

feeling grateful to all the pixiv fan artists and authors who upload their years old doujinshi for free because they have no intention of printing new copies 🙏

twisted wonderland(?) is dominating the fanfic ranking on pixiv. i really don't need another mobile game in my life but i'm curious...

the bottom element of our oven broke about three weeks ago so i can't even bake as a covid time waster lol 😭

Huh, I was sure Rejet had the Diabolic Lovers drama CDs on their Youtube channel but it looks like they've made them private now. I guess they're rotating whatever series is available. I prob should listen to Sangokushi soon then

gonna buy a weed scale because the one i have isn't accurate enough to measure tenths of a gram

been getting into baking lately and damnit i MUST weigh my yeast exactly else my brain will bug me that it's going to turn out all wrong

my mom still has troubles with using gendered pronouns in english even after so many years so i uh better be around if she ever talks with a trans person...

everytime i see ketchup hate online, i think about how in middle school my childhood friend introduced me, an asian kid, to mac and cheese for the first time and she ate it with ketchup. sorry people, i've been corrupted from the very beginning 😮

earbuds are dying - gonna have to decide between a pair of those new fangled IEMs with detachable cables or a bunch of cheap pairs from monoprice...


oh shit i've said before that i have no more interest in playing the game but i JUST learned that nakazawa masatomo is voicing one of the new characters. i'm tempted now lmao... *head in hands*

enstars anime 

i'm only at ep 5 so far, but the anime is a great reminder for me of why dropping the game when i did was a great idea. i never did have much patience for idol stuff in the first place tbh... i'm basically watching just for anzu now lol

mom teaching me her chinese auntie cooking hacks and using our washing machine's spin cycle like a big salad spinner to get water out of cabbage for dumplings later


so does Amanchu take place in the same universe as Aria, or does Amano just like using Cait Sith in supernatural plotlines for her works, haha

i keep forgetting about the whole 'spend single tickets to raise rates for your 10 pull' thing for dragalia because gacha doesn't work that way in granblue, lol. oh well, there's tomorrow (and the rest of the anniversary)


reached the ghost part in the anime and uh... i wonder how this was received by manga readers at the time. it's more characterization for the teacher but at the same time i'm like more scuba diving plz.

i still don't like the girls' school uniform, lol. if the school itself had some interesting design to go with the pink flowing dress then yeah, but it's just the typical japanese school...

the official app for the birdsite has mysteriously vanished from the playstore for me. i'm taking this as a sign that i should spend more time here 😋

I'm sloooowly making progress on my anime backlog - finished Infinite Stratos (man, Uchiyama kinda sucked back in the day but it was only his 3rd MC role so he's improved a lot) and Kyou Kara Maou is next. I don't remember anything but I'll watch it just for the voice actors. You don't get to hear most of them regularly in seasonal anime anymore.


every time it's coming close to elections, i wonder just how many people are fooled into thinking the BC liberals are the same as the federal libs. 😑

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