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I'm Mouse, 40yo Polish person of indistinct gender. On this site as of last ten minutes. Expect a mix of fandom content, life updates and monologuing into the void.
I cycle through fandoms, so don't expect consistency.
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~~need to stay awake until d&d~~
need to *take a nap* until d&d

Nevermind their great sight or amazing hearing; a cat's strongest sense is their sense of drama.

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Amanda Gorman is the biggest takeaway from today

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finally some good content


the sanitizer guy, and the mics picking up the crying kid


even during such a ceremony, a frazzled parent carrying a toddler who just remembered they need bathroom *now*, relatable.

But eugenics made a comeback under another guise: the "human capital theory," which holds that markets reward us in proportion to our value to society, and thus the CEO is paid 10,000x more than the janitor because the CEO provides 10,000x more value to the human project.

Eugenics isn't just repugnant, it's also wrong. To understand why, you have to understand how desirable traits are social, not isolated in individuals.


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The ideology of finance is a subset of rightist thought, defined by Corey Robin (in "The Reactionary Mind") as the belief that some people are born to rule, while the rest are born to be ruled over.

This belief has many guises (Dominionism, imperialism, racism, monarchism, fascism, libertarianism) but they all boil down to one thing: eugenics.

It's one thing to believe that markets are meritocratic during a time of dynamism, when the low-born can rise to riches.


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cause i went looking for some free pixel art for That Dragon Game, and came back with a new microgender

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is there a word specifically for when you go buy one thing, but you come home with another, completely unrelated, thing instead?

like: "I went to buy bread, but I bought a sofa instead."
"I was supposed to borrow a wrench, but we started talking, one thing led to another, anyway here's complete works of Tolstoy, and a puppy"
"Blackberries? Oh, right, I *was* picking blackberries, wasn't I. 'Fraid might've left my basket in the woods. Anyway, meet my fairy fiancee."

I saw some fanfiction discourse earlier.

Fanfiction is obviously literature. Robin Hood is fanfiction, Arthurian myth is fanfiction. A decent chunk of what Shakespeare wrote was just actual person fanfic.

The TV shows Sherlock and Elementary? Fan fiction. Nearly every disney film? Fan fiction. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? Doctor who (Shada!) fanfic, with the doctor swapped for Dirk.

It only stops being disparaged when someone can profit from it.

The first film adaptation of Merry Shelly's Frankenstein, by Thomas Edison's studios in 1910.

This is a "loose adaptation" , but it features some pretty interesting special effects, and some excellent monster design for such an early film.

The video quality is Bad, but it improves as the film goes on, and is much better than versions I've seen in the past.

The LoC did a good job with this restoration.

I wonder if they've done anything with Eddisons "trip to mars"

With the world in lockdown, most "white-collar" crime (AKA "world-destroying corruption and looting") now takes place over Zoom. If you witness such a crime, you might be tempted to record the meeting and leak it to a journalist.

But leaking Zoom recordings is seriously fraught because they are full of personally identifying details. Some of these are "traitor-tracing" mechanisms, others are intrinsic to Zoom, and still others come from your end of the recording.


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