@withquieteyes its like thnks fr th mmrs but its theys for the enebys

Waiting for an edible to kick in is always confusing because I don't have them often enough to know how I react, and therefore I don't know whther it's just slow or if I should take another

I hate how one fuckup on my part can completely trash my mood

unnecessarily lewd 

I should put more thoughts into how I name my variables

Russian is not a thing anymore! 🎉 It's all the Netherlands now and they are Dutchies

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Yesterday Joh and I had our long planned first visit to Hay-on-Wye, Book Town!

There were bookshops *everywhere* and everything that wasn't a bookshop seemed to have a bookshop inside as well.

It's a really lovely little town too and we had a great time wandering it.

We ate out (outside in rain under umbrellas -- fun!) and visited a bookshop in a castle (among a dozen other bookshops) and saw dozens of very cute dogs.

I even got some books!

Being introduced as someone’s work boss in an entirely not work environment is truly a bizarre experience

Comment fabriquer des bombes à graines promessedefleurs.com/conseil-p

La bombe à graines est l’arme de prédilection de la guérilla jardinière, un mouvement militant qui a démarré à New York en 1973 et dont le but est d’utiliser le jardinage comme moyen d’action environnemental afin d’interpeller les pouvoirs publics.

La bombe à graines est utilisée pour végétaliser et apporter de la biodiversité dans les endroits abandonnés (friches, berges, terrain vague, remblais de chantier, etc.).

The problem is that this is the Get Kisses trip, but not the Get Kisses part of the trip, so I expect to get kissed but I can't yet and it's driving me nuts

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