You can’t convince me that Alec is a real name. I think a person named Alex just accidentally missed a letter while typing their name once and had to roll with it to save face.

As far as I’m concerned and aware western PA is an endless wilderness but eastern PA has Amish and—get this—Mennonites.

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fic praises, in random order:

* "awww, that's precious" (found family, romance)
* "awww yiss!!!" (fix-it does something cool, characters go badass)
* "hahaha this is such a MESS, I love it" (iddy, tropey, badly written, or all of those at once, but extremely enjoyable)
* "oh no. that hurts good ;_;" (whenever my pain-avoidant ass trips over the good angst)

and last, but not least:

* "fuck, I wanna be this good when I grow up" (joyous writer envy)

YES!!!! Annette!!


We are rolling into the big four, here's nominees for Best Actor:

Leonardo DiCaprio
Peter Dinklage
Adam Driver
Andrew Garfield
Will Smith


Ahmaud Arbery verdict: all three white men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged 

Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael and William ‘Roddie’ Bryan, all white, pursued 25-year-old black man in Georgia neighborhood

Arbery's killers face life in prison

GOOD! At least 5 times over.

<puts on his robe and wizard hat> it's not what you think

I told the front desk, but the mouse is still just kinda... running around in the kitchen and lounge while she's gone to get the traps (and she says he keeps ignoring the ones they've already set anyway). And I'm watching hm - there are two now - and I just feel very weird about all of this

Also there are mice in this hostel and I don't quite know what I'm supposedto do when I see one. I feel like the staff - and for that matter the mice - have enough to be dealing with as it is, but I'm ahhh not used to seeing mice run around in public lke this

NaNoWriMo update: I've been trying frantically to catch up for two days that I missed, since I'm on holiday and my schedule can be a bit sketchy here and there. I'm at 29'000 so that's good

**Santé. Les soignants allemands en grève pour l’hôpital**

"De nouveau confrontés à une forte vague de Covid, les employés du secteur réclament plus de reconnaissance et de moyens pour juguler une grave pénurie de personnel."

#actualité #bot

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